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Oscars Music

FMC : Oscar’s Music

This week's FMC topic was in honour of the Academy Awards show this Sunday so we had to find the best Oscar's Music.
Music From Youth

FMC : Song that best describes your youth

Songs will always make you remember something like a first date, a summer holiday with friends, etc. but there will always be songs that make you think about growing up.
Illegal Substances

FMC : Illegal Substances

We all know they're bad but fact is they appear in most songs. This week's FMC topic was to seek out the best song referencing illegal substances.
Wedding Rap

FMC : Best Wedding Rap Song

Another early FMC this week with the topic of best wedding rap song in honour of Paul who's wedding is this weekend and chosen by our resident hip-hop expert Mark.
foreign music songs

FMC : Best entirely foreign language song

This week's FMC was yesterday instead for various reasons with the topic of best entirely foreign language song. It actually turned out much harder than you might think with many songs being only partially foreign.

FMC : Best Friday song to start the weekend with

So it's Friday 5pm and you've just shut down the PC at work, stepped into the car to go home and start your weekend.
FMC 2012

FMC : Best song from 2012

First FMC of 2013 gives us a chance to reflect back on 2012 and pick the best track of 2012.
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