online conversationsWhen someone writes a blog, it’s meant to be read.  When someone reads something, it tends to start a discussion.  These days though that discussion gets diluted as it’s never in one place.

Social Sharing

Of course a blogger needs to share their content to widen the audience and a Facebook post, Tweet, LinkedIn entry, etc. all do that job very well.  Sadly though they open up alternative dialogue methods for the reader and author to enter into.  It’s all too common for a blog within a matter of hours to quickly become diluted into multiple threads of discussion and praise.

Use the Comments Section

So, how do you stop this happening as an author?  Well you can’t really.  It’s something readers need to do.  We all need to do.  When someone writes something and you read it, the hook that brought you there is irrelevant.  You need to acknowledge that the source of what you actually liked wasn’t the Facebook post or tweet but the content of the blog itself.  So, contribute to the dialogue in the blog itself through the comments.  All blogs online will have comments enabled (or at least they should) so use that to post your follow-up question, say thanks or challenge the content.

In the IT industry online blogging is so important.  I benefit so frequently from reading other people’s content online.  One engineer solving a problem and sharing it online can help many many more but having the discussion in a centralised place can avoid different readers missing out on valuable follow-up content.

So, it’s you – the reader – that needs to realise you’re part of this shift in mindset and hopefully we’ll all get to a point where sharing knowledge can live and evolve in one place.