parkrunYesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the Craigavon Parkrun around Craigavon lakes which I’ve done since the first day.  If you’re near a Parkrun event and any way inclined towards running for exercise I’d highly recommend them.

What are they?

They are FREE fully organised and timed weekly 5k runs which collate all manner of statistics each week for you, add a competitive edge to running and generally make running a bit more enjoyable than plodding along on your own.  The Craigavon one in particular is especially good as it’s precisely one lap around the beautiful Craigavon Lakes starting at a very reasonable 09:30 every Saturday morning.  This run has ~100 people each week so has really taken off with a strong contingent from young and old – one woman in particular each week runs pushing her baby in a pram.  She passed me once too which embarrassed me too much to let that happen again.

How am I doing?

The anniversary prompted me to have a look at my lifetime statistics and although I’ve not ran every week I’ve racked up 28 timed runs amounting to 140 km in total.  That’s very nearly running from Lurgan to Dublin so I’m quite impressed by that.  My times aren’t great by Mo Farah standards as my personal best of 28:05 is thrashed every week by the crazy 17-18 mins the winners record.  My average though of 29:29 shows I’m a consistent runner plodding along enjoying the weekly exercise if nothing else.

Parkrun around the picturesque Craigavon Lakes

Parkrun around the picturesque Craigavon Lakes

Well, as I said if you like running or simply need motivation to get exercising regularly I’d say look up your local Parkrun as it is a great way to stay healthy and keep fit.

Parkrun website

Craigavon Parkrun page

Craigavon Parkrun Facebook page