Silver Linings Playbook posterA very enjoyable film well worth making a play to go and see – 4/5

I missed this film when it was out in the cinema at the tail end of last year which has since received a raft of award nominations including several Oscars.  The excellent Queen’s Film Theatre gave us a great opportunity to address this by reshowing this movie this week.

This film follows the story of a man who’s parents discharged him from a psychiatric hospital to finish the last few stages of recovery at home.  During this time he embarks on a journey to repair his marriage with his wife of whom now has a restraining order against him caused by the bipolar episode which got him to enter psychiatric care in the first place.  During this time he meets and begins a relationships with an equally disturbed local widow who needs his help to win a dance competition.

Ultimately this is a very enjoyable romantic comedy with some very funny scenes, an excellent plot and some very good acting performances – namely Bradley Cooper as the main lead “Pat” and Jennifer Lawrence as the equally disturbed “Tiffany” whose onscreen relationship is as believable as their portrayal of mentally disturbed individuals is.  A very good film which I’m glad I had the opportunity to see again.