Life-of-Pi-3D-posterThought provoking film beautifully brought to life in 3D – 4/5

The premise of this film based on Yann Martel’s best seller begins when an Indian family decide to relocate to Canada along with various zoo animals from their self-built sanctuary. They travel aboard an ocean freighter but when the ship sinks in the high pacific, the family’s young son “Pi” finds safety on a lifeboat but has to share this safety with an injured zebra, trainquil orangutan, a troublesome hyena and a fully grown Bengal tiger. The film covers their journey through starvation, storms and how to cope when other carnivorous species are all fighting for survival aboard a tiny vessel amid mile after mile of open water.

Director Ang Lee does a brilliant job here making the film engaging and visually stunning using superb special effects, animal training and animatronics throughout. I’ve never really understood 3D films and always saw them as a gimmick to sell overpriced tickets but the reviews of this 3D version were excellent. This convinced me that this 3D effort was worth the extra few pounds and I’m glad I did as the 3D visual effects were outstanding and certainly added to the danger of the animal attack, shipwreck and storm scenes while adding beautiful imagery to the underwater scenes. I think very few films deserve to be seen in 3D and this is one of them.

I just have to add that the finally of the film just makes you ask so many questions about the second “fake” story line recounted to disbelieving investigators. Was it really what happened? Did the truth of the horrors Pi had to endure on the high seas walk into the forest without turning around and not the tiger at all? In any case these are questions that each person probably answers differently and that’s what makes good cinema (in this case a good book too) in my opinion – each viewer taking their own meaning.