Argo Movie PosterAffleck’s finest hour and if you don’t agree, you can Argo f*** yourself – 4/5

Ben Affleck directs and stars in a very enjoyable film based on the true story of an extraordinary CIA mission to extract 6 American citizens hiding out in the Canadian embassy of Iran during the Iran Hostage Crisis of 1979.  Affleck plays the role of the specialist agent Tony Mendez who concocts an unbelievable story to save the 6 from being found and punished by a violent anti-American Iranian nation.  Along with some Hollywood help the CIA creates a cover story of a fake film location scout to Iran which the 6 will become members of the film crew and escape unnoticed.

This is an incredible story and one I’m sure has been “enhanced” somewhat by Hollywood to generate some drama.  Affleck’s direction here is excellent to generate long spells of edge-of-the-seat drama.  The acting throughout is very good and from what I’ve read since quite authentic to the 1979 events.  It’s a very enjoyable and gripping depiction of a story that I find intriguing as I know little about those historical events and I would not be surprised to see an award or two heading Affleck’s way for acting and/or direction.

BTW : You’ll have to see the film to understand the “Argo f*** yourself” reference. 🙂