Agile Support : Not just turning things off and on again

I've worked in support now for coming up on 10 years and trying to tell people what I do usually involves avoiding that word "support". It just conjurs up all the wrong images of socially inept people stuck in a basement of an office who get summoned when customers need to resolve the magic of wifi or simply need toner.

Online conversations in one place

When someone writes a blog, it's meant to be read. When someone reads something, it tends to start a discussion. These days though that discussion gets diluted as it's never in one place.

Hello again….remember me?

Apologies. It's been nearly 2 years since the last blog post!
Twitter SMS

How to get Twitter SMS notifications for free

Mobile text notifications from Twitter are very useful. Whether it's a mention, a tweet being favourited or you're following the tweets of a specific account (eg. Favourite sports team, breaking news, friend or relative) a real-time SMS notification will always keep you up to date. Last week my mobile network - Vodafone UK - stopped delivering SMS notifications from Twitter so here's how I restored them using IFTTT as a third party relay.

Caught my eye at lunch today. Wonder why. :) #wp

Caught my eye at lunch today. Wonder why. 🙂 #wp From Instagram :

If you can’t decide who you want to vote for then at least vote against who you don’t want

In case you live under a rock or haven't noticed the 75 electoral posters on every lamp post up and down the country, there's elections coming up. On the 22nd of May the UK will be voting for local councils and also for European parliament representation.

One year of Parkruns

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the Craigavon Parkrun around Craigavon lakes which I've done since the first day
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